Classification:      HMT      SMYD

※ SMYD family introduction

    SMYD: SET and MYND domain-containing proteins (SMYD) are a special class of protein lysine methyltransferases involved in methylation of histones and non-histone targets. To date, there are five members from the SMYD family, SMYD1-5. Each member contains a conserved SET (Suppressor of variegation, Enhancer of Zeste, Trithorax) domain that is "split" by a Myeloid-Nervy-DEAF1 (MYND) domain . The SET domain is a conserved catalytic unit for lysine methylation found in nearly all histone methyltransferases (HMT) . The MYND domain is a zinc finger motif that primarily functions as a protein-protein interaction module. (1)

1. Spellmon N, Holcomb J, Trescott L, Sirinupong N, Yang Z.Structure and function of SET and MYND domain-containing proteins. Int J Mol Sci.2015;16:1406-1428. PMID: 25580534.


  Bos taurus (1)  Callithrix jacchus (1)  Cavia porcellus (1)
  Chlorocebus sabaeus (1)  Dipodomys ordii (1)  Gorilla gorilla (2)
  Homo sapiens (3)  Macaca mulatta (3)  Mus musculus (2)
  Pan troglodytes (1)  Papio anubis (1)  Pongo abelii (2)
  Pteropus vampyrus (1)