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※ ZF-CW family introduction

    ZF-CW: The zinc finger CW (ZF-CW) domain is a motif of about 60 residues that is frequently found in proteins involved in epigenetic regulation. The ZF-CW domain adopts a new fold in which a zinc ion is coordinated tetrahedrally by four conserved Cys ligand residues. The tertiary structure of the ZF-CW domain partially resembles that adopted by the plant homeo domain (PHD) finger bound to the histone tail, suggesting that the ZF-CW domain and the PHD finger have similar functions. (1)

1. He F, Umehara T, Saito K, Harada T, Watanabe S, Yabuki T, Kigawa T, Takahashi M, Kuwasako K, Tsuda K, Matsuda T, Aoki M, Seki E, Kobayashi N, Güntert P, Yokoyama S, Muto Y.Structural insight into the zinc finger CW domain as a histone modification reader. Structure.2010;18:1127–1139. PMID: 20826339 .

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