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※ JmjC_only family introduction

    JmjC_only: The seventh group that we discuss contains several JmjC domain- containing proteins that, apart from the JmjC domain, contain no other recognizable protein domains. This group forms its own branch that is based on homology within the JmjC domain, and includes all of the JmjC-domain proteins that are known to localize to the cytoplasm (FIH, PLA2G4B and HSPBAP1). We propose that these proteins, of which only the MINA53/NO66 group (see below) has orthologues in yeast, might have diverged in higher eukaryotes to carry out functions that are independent of histone demethylation. (1)

1. Klose RJ,Kallin EM,Zhang Y (2012)JmjC-domain-containing proteins and histone demethylation. Nat Rev Genet., 7:715-727. PMID: 16983801.

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