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※ JHDM1 family introduction

    JHDM1: Members of the JHDM1 group are found in organisms from budding yeast to human. In addition to the JmjC domain, the human, mouse and D. melanogaster JHDM1 orthologues contain leucine-rich repeats (LRRs), an F-box domain and a CXXC zinc-finger domain. Using a novel activity-based histone demethylase assay, we recently identified the JHDM1 family of histone demethylases, and showed that the JmjC domain can specifically mediate Fe(II) and αKG-dependent histone demethylation. Both human JHDM1 homologues (JHDM1A and JHDM1B) and their orthologue from budding yeast are H3K36 histone demethylases. Little is known about the biological function of JHDM1 proteins, although the C. elegans orthologue can suppress spontaneous mutations and the fission yeast orthologue functions to limit heterochromatic domains at the mating type locus. (1)

1. Klose RJ,Kallin EM,Zhang Y (2006)JmjC-domain-containing proteins and histone demethylation. Nat Rev Genet., 7:715-727. PMID: 16983801.

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