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※ SIR2 family introduction

    SIR2: Class III HDACs are sirtuin family enzymes. This class of proteins is related to the transcriptional repressor Sir2 (Silent information regulator 2) in the budding yeast. Yeast has five sirtuins including Sir2 and four homologs, Hst1-4 (Homolog of Sir two). The sirtuin deacetylases contain a conserved catalytic domain that is not related to deacetylase domain of other HDAC classes. Thus, the sirtuins catalyze deacetylation by a different mechanism that requires NAD+ as a cofactor. (1)

1. Jeon J. H., Lee Y. H.Histone acetylation in fungal pathogens of plants. Plant Pathol.J.2014;30(1):1-9. PMID: 25288980.

There are 2 genes.  Reviewed (0 or Unreviewed (2

No.StatusWERAM IDGene/Alias Name
Os04g0271000 OSJNBb0067G11.13 OSNPB_040271000
Os12g0179800 LOC_Os12g07950 Os12g0179800 OSNPB_120179800