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※ LSD1_KDM1 family introduction

    LSD1_KDM1: LSD1 (Lysine specific demethylase1) was the founding member of a second class of enzymes that directly reverse histone H3K4 or H3K9 modifications by an oxidative demethylation reaction in which flavin is a cofactor. Full enzymatic activity of LSD1 requires its association with other proteins, such as the CoREST (restin corepressor) complex, indicating that regulatory subunits can have a role in modulating demethylase activity. (1)

1. Klose RJ,Kallin EM,Zhang Y (2013)JmjC-domain-containing proteins and histone demethylation. Nat Rev Genet., 7:715-727. PMID: 16983801.

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